Names of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently


List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently

Names of Igbo Nigerian Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently. 

History had not forgotten our late Highlife Kings and legends of all time. After a long episode of collective research , Highlifeng team decided to bring the list of the top Nigerian Highlife Kings in Igbo land who passed away recently.

This is to ensure that we never lost the memories of our great Legends who have contributed ‘sparingly’ to our culture. This list contains all the recent deaths according to our trusted sources.

List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Since 1990 – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 , 2015 , 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 – 2020.


List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently

Pericoma Okoye, the greatest Juju music singer in Igbo land reportedly died on Thursday February 16, 2017. Following the historical background of Pericoma , He originated from ARONDIZUOGU of Igbo land.  He started his music career at a tender age and till death.  According to our trusted source, the reporter said:

As someone who is from Arondizuogu, I have come across several non-Igbo speaking Africans who often identify or associate Arondizuogu with this departed ICON of cultural songs.


List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently

Oliver De Conque, who was a guitar based Highlife Music King passed away so early after his legendary records. The talented Nigerian Igbo Highlife musician died on June 20 in 2008.


List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently

Chief Osita Osadebe was the greatest Highlife legend in Igbo land. Even after his demise, he is still the community changer due to his level of talents. His fame in the Music line created a recognition in the General tribes of Nigeria.

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Osita Osadebe  reportedly died in St. Mary’s Hospital Waterbury, Connecticut on 11 May 2007 after suffering from difficult health problems.

However, Osadebe passed his music gift to his student and son who still lives today.


List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently

Ozoemena Nsugbe, a top Highlife singer who was born the same year with EMEKA MOROCCO died JANUARY 28 , 2014 at Legos.

According to the family members, he died of diabetes. The Late Chief who was an Igbo Highlife musician, started his music career in 1967 and was signed on to , the same label under which EMEKA MOROCCO , Eze egwu Ebiri was signed till date.


List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently

Ali CHUKWUMA was reportedly died on JANUARY 2010 without an actual date according to our available reporters. Ali Chukwuma seemed to be very much in oneness with Ozoemena Nsugbe who sang a tribute following his death.

According to our research, the below was a comment made by a fan of Ali recently,

When Ali Chukwuma died, something went out of me. He was an Igbo musician who captured much of the essence of our love of dignified art-making. The narrative about him did not state that he fled with his mother to Atani, his mother’s place, as is customary with Igbos who are threatened in their fatherland. His mother had fled after his father’s relatives swooped in to torment the freshly-widowed woman. If you listen carefully, you will note Ali’s mention of her in some songs. It was in Atani that he got to know Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, his mentor. They had a rancorous separation later.

Living at Onitsha, I listened to some of his earliest songs after he left Chief Osadebe’s band. One song that will always touch my heart is “Late Everest Oguchi” (Ogbuchi?). In that song Ali Chukwuma did an eternal panegyric to a respected teacher, not the usual rich subject of Nigerian music. In “Eje Anabu Isi” (Eje Ana Bu Isi) he captures the exile’s longing for home. Unfortunately, he never accomplishes that longing for a return to Aboh.

• Dr.

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List of Igbo Nigerian Highlife Musicians Who (Passed Away) died Recently

Christogonus Ezebuiro Obinna was born in 1947 in Imo State. The musician was the head of the Oriental Brother’s Obi Nwanne social club of Nigeria. This band was highly recognized in Igbo highlife music for a very long time till date.

Dr. Sir Warrior gave up the ghost in June 1999.


Igbo highlife is a contemporary musical genre which contains together highlife and Igbo traditional music. Highlife Music in Igbo land originated from the southeast region of Nigeria, during the 1950s. The genre is primarily guitar-based music, Gong, Igba and many more  with uncommon characteristic blend of horns and vocal rhythms.


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