List of Egwu Ekpili Musicians & the Bests in Igbo Land


The Ekpili music is defined here, as a musical style of the Igbo people of today’s eastern . Egwu Ekpili is usually played with local instruments and accompanied by a steady backup singer.

Although, many present day singers have modified their styles to suit modernity by adding foreign instruments such as guitar, trumpets and pianos to their music.

Nowadays, It is almost very hard to differentiate between the Ekpili music and the Igbo music, because both share similar instruments.

Emeka Morgan, while speaking to us in an interview, said “Those who add foreign instruments to their music are not to be categorized as Egwu Ekpili singers”.

However,  the below list of Ekpili musicians is not based on instruments, but on what it is called.

List of the Best Egwu Ekpili Musicians in Igbo Land. 

1. Sunday Okona 

Sunday Okona, popularly known as Alaye is a top Egwu Ekpili musician. He is respected by many top singers in the industry because of his achievements in the past.

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Many people have argued that is worthy of the title KING OF EGWU EKPILI in Igbo Land.

2. Aruvaluezeama Nteje 

Aruvaluezeama Nwaeke often referred as Ozor Prophet Aruvaluezeama Nteje is from Nteje Abogu in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Prophet Aruvaluezeama Nteje is currently the best Egwu Ekpili singer in Igbo Land as of today. He mimicks the Late Ozoemena Nsugbe perfectly, and he is one of the most respected Egwu Ekpili singers.

3. Prophet Nwanrijiofor (Ayaka Umunri)

Prophet Nwanrijiofor, best known as Ayaka Umunri Na Enugwu-Ukwu is one of the top Egwu Ekpili musicians of today.

He is among the few musicians capable of performing sweet melodies without any single instruments.

Emeka Morgan, in 2022 promised to bestow him the title PROPHET OF EGWU EKPILI GENRE.

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4. Chief Michael Udegbi 

Everybody knows Chief Michael Udegbi, the blind Egwu Ekpili singer from Olo, in Eziagu L.G.A  of Enugu state.

He is currently the most engaged Egwu Ekpili musician despite his blindness. He is the crooner of Ibalu Mmanwu hit track.

5. Alhaji Galadima Umumbo

, previously known as and TONADO, is from Umumbo in Anambra State. He is one fo the best Egwu Ekpili musician in Igbo Land.

Although Galadima uses foreign instruments, but his skill in performing MBEM (Igbo chant) is extraordinary.

6. Chief Dr Ozor Nwa Mgbakwu Abo

Chief Dr Ozor Nwa Mgbakwu Abo is a native doctor and musician of the Egwu Ekpili genre. He is from Mgbakwu Abogu in Anambra State.

He performs Egwu Ekpili, both on foreign instruments and on local instruments.

His fans prefer to call him Eze Egwu Ekpili.


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