Is Chijioke Mbanefo the King of Igbo Highlife Music in Nigeria?


Onye Mmacha crooner,  Prince has over the years declared himself the king of music in without any official recognition.

Since the death of the king of highlife music, who died in year 2007, Chijioke Mbanefo has continuously been striving so hard to be recognized as the next king of highlife music and mouthpiece of all musicians.

Chijioke Mbanefo asserted that he was awarded king of highlife music ( Eze egwu) in 2016 during a live conference involving all highlife musicians, both Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

He claimed he was awarded king of highlife music because of his outstanding performance at the meeting.

Just as Osadebe coexisted with , Chijioke Mbanefo does not want to coexist with Onyenze Nwa Amobi and other highlife musicians who may be possible threat to his self-aclaimed title.

Is Chijioke Mbanefo the King of Highlife Music in Nigeria? 

The answer is NO. Chijioke Mbanefo is not the king of highlife music and there is no evidence backing it up.

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  1. Highlife media… Dis ur write Up can u back it up??? 2016 Chijioke mmbanefo was awarded d king of highlife music in Nigeria…. Since 2016 till date has anoda highlife King been crowned??.. So be blunt in ur write up… Don’t write to favor a select group of pple…. A VERY GOOD FUNCTION OF D PRESS AS D 4TH ESTATE OF D REM… Z TO RECOGNIZE MERIT WHERE EVER FOUND……

  2. Highlife media should go to YOU TUBE search for coronation vidoe of Prince Chijioke Mbanefo as king of highlife in nigeria. In YOU TUBE just type CORONATION OF CHIJIOKE MBANEFO as EZE EGWU. and THAT’S MY PROOF. And i am advising you people to stop posting something in public about someone without making research, intelligent people do research before posting anything.

  3. Prince Chijioke Mbanefo is a current and crowned king of highlife music. My proof is clear go to YOU TUBE type CORONATION OF CHIJIOKE MBANEFO as EZE EGWU you will see and watch the vidoe. The vidoe of his CORONATION as KING OF HIGHLIFE EZE EGWU is my proof, and the coronation was since 2016 and he is still remain king of highlife till date. And i am advising that before you post anything about anyone in public try to do RESEARCH is very important that’s how intelligent ones do.

  4. Go to YOU TUBE and type coronation of chijioke as king of highlife music then watch the video of his coronation. The vidoe is my proof that chijioke mbanefo is king of highlife music.

  5. it is obvious that the owner of this platform is against the king of highlife in our country biafra and also in nigeria. KING CHIEF CHIJIOKE NWA MBANEFO is the king of highlife music in nigeria and it’s not by mouth. it’s by what he does. i can see fire descending from heaven to strike the owner of this platform so called you ar very stupid to be posting rubbish about chijioke mbanefo


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