Umu Obiligbo – Legacy (Full Album)



Unveiling the Harmonious Beats of 's “Legacy (Full Album)”

Dive into the vibrant world of as the dynamic duo, Brothers and , famously known as Umu Obiligbo, graces the music scene with their latest masterpiece, the “Legacy (Full Album).” Overflowing with cultural richness and musical finesse, this album is a treasure trove of rhythmic marvels.

Embracing tradition and modernity, Umu Obiligbo's musical prowess shines through in each track of the album, seamlessly weaving a narrative that resonates deeply with listeners. From soul-stirring melodies to foot-tapping beats, their music transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of the Igbo heritage while embracing contemporary sounds.

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Now, enthusiasts of Igbo music can revel in the melodious tunes of Umu Obiligbo'sLegacy (Full Album)” available for free downloads exclusively on Delight in the cultural extravaganza and immerse yourself in the enchanting rhythms that define the true essence of this musical duo.

Experience the legacy firsthand and indulge your senses with the euphony of Umu Obiligbo's latest album. Download your free copy today and embark on a musical journey that celebrates tradition, talent, and the captivating spirit of Igbo music.

Track 1:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Champion

Track 2:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo ft. Beepee – Business

Track 3:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Ifeanyi Chukwu

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Track 4:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo ft. Bisa Kdei – Sokoto

Track 5:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Live Life

Track 6:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Uche

Track 7:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo ft. Bracket – Over Sabi

Track 8:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Olisa

Track 9:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Frog Jump

Track 10:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Ije Nwoke

Track 11:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Aku Bu Ilo

Track 12:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Udemba

Track 13:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Ego

Track 14:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Umu Obiligbo – Legacy Outro



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