Top 3 Kings of highlife music in Igbo Land, Nigeria (Best in 2022)


is a popular musical genre being played by the native Igbo individuals living in , along with their Egwu Ekpili music.

Research has demonstrated that Highlife Music was taken on from the ebb and flow day Ghana down to eastern Nigeria in the times past, by individuals like the late Oliver de Coque, Chief Stephen and Oriental Brothers global band.

Albeit, a considerable lot of the originators kicked the bucket, highlife music didn’t bite the dust, rather it changed structure as time changed..

Below are Lists of the 3 Kings of highlife music in Igbo Land, Nigeria.

1. Prof Chikobi

Elochukwu Uzochukwu, popularly known by his stage name as Professor Chikobi (Onyeamuma Egwu Na Asia), is undoubtedly the best highlife Igbo singer currently in this year 2022. Many people choose to call him the King of Highlife Music.

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2. Ayaka Ozubulu 

known by his stage name as Ayaka Ozubulu, is an exceptionally powerful and well known Igbo highlife musician. He is cherished by both youthful and elderly people in the eastern part of Nigeria in light of his brilliant tunes. Practically the entirety of His tunes conveys a rousing story that draws the consideration of his audience members, which settled on them decision him the King of Highlife Music, despite the fact that he had declined such named.

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3. Chijioke Mbanefo

Could we at any point discuss highlife music in Igbo Land today without referencing Chijioke Mbanefo? Obviously the response is a No. Chijioke Mbanefo, as per his gigantic supporters, is the King of Igbo highlife music home and abroad. Albeit this contention has caused many struggles between highlife listeners, in light of the fact that many disagree that Chijioke Mbanefo is worthy of such title.. This is because many people accept that there is no authority proof that shows where and when Chijioke Mbanefo was delegated King of Highlife Music – “Eze Egwu“, despite the fact that Chijioke had given many picture confirmations to show via Facebook.


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