Rumour! Bishop Aloysius Ikegwuonu Ozubulu Is Not Dead, He Is Alive in South Africa


Rumour! Bishop Aloysius Ikegwuonu Ozubulu Is Not Dead, He Is Alive in South AfricaIs it true that Bishop of Ozubulu was gunned down in South Africa? ,  Is Bishop Ozubulu Still Alive as of Today? 

Recently, there was a rumour that had gone viral making people believe that the ADC of Chief Alosius Ikegwuonu, popularly known as Bishop Ozubulu, was gunned down in Johannesburg, an affluent city in South Africa.

There had been a lot of questions by the easterners especially those who live far from home trying to figure out if the news was true. However,  our research team had looked into the unconfirmed news to ensure that HIGHLIFENG does not involve in any illegal act of painting a living person dead.

According to our research team,  he quoted from the source of the news that claimed the death of Bishop Aloysius Ikegwuonu. Which says:

  • ElombahNews is yet to ascertain the real identity of the man simply identified as “ADC of Bishop Ozubulu”.
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The above except proves that there was no evidence of Bishop’s death.  It was a rumour initiated by ElombahNews in order to drive more users to their website. As long as there is no evidence that Bishop Ozubulu was dead, I say on behalf  of Highlifeng that BISHOP IKEGWUONU OF OZUBULU IS ALIVE. 

In order to defend their claim, a short video had gone viral showing how some unknown people were killed, but there was no evidence that Bishop of Ozubulu was in that video.  Watch the video below:

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According to our trusted team, there was an assumption that if Bishop Ozubulu was really dead, the news would have gone all over the media for a person in his financial category.  Top Nigerian websites, such as NAIJ, SAHARAREPORTERS would have announced his death, but there was no trace of their announcement. So without any evidence, Highlifeng will not post any news of a person’s death.

Bishop Aloysius Ikegwuonu Ozubulu Is Not Dead!  He is Alive. 


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