List of the Best Igbo Music Producers in Nigeria


, also called “Egwu Odinala Ndi Igbo“, categorized into different genres is a type of music usually played with Igbo language. It is common among  the Igbo ethnic group of present day southeast region in , formerly the Republic of .

The Igbo music is classified into various styles, such as Igbo highlife (genre), (sub-genre), Egwu Igba (sub-genre), Egwu Ekpili (genre), Ogene (sub-genre) and many more.

List of Best Igbo Music Producers in Nigeria

1. Chief Engr Ozor Onyebuchi Okoye

Chief Engr Onyebuchi Okoye, often referred as just “Akpamma” or “Akpamma Na Awka” is an award winning producer and promoter of the Egwu Ekpili music genre under .

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He became very popular after he produced Ibalu Mmanwu, a track crooned by Chief Michael Udegbi.

In 2021, Akpamma received a honorary award as the most creative producer and best recording studio of the year 2021.

  2. Engr. Obinna Okpaleze (Obiroyce)

Engineer Obinna Okpaleze, best known as Obiroyce is the CEO, founder and director of Obiroyce Studios.

Obiroyce is the most popular producer of Igbo highlife music in the eastern region of Nigeria. About 75% of all Igbo music today are produced at Obiroyce Studio – Accordingly to research.

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3. Upright Nelson Onwuka

Engr. Upright is one of the most popular Igbo highlife producers in the east. He is the founder of Upright Studio located at Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Upright is well-known for his excellent production of Igbo highlife music.

We have many other Igbo producers not listed above, such as Engr. Nollymoney, Engr. Wiper at Nkpor, and many .


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