List of Igbo Highlife Musicians Who are Traditionalists (Juju) Singers


List of Igbo Highlife Musicians Who are Traditionalists (Juju) Singers

List of Igbo Musicians Who are Traditionalists (Juju) Singers

IGBO Highlife Music was believed to be the best kind of Music played by the easthern people of . One of the main objective of Igbo traditional music is the ability to keep  the people together under their in the same brotherhood and oneness.

Igbo Highlife Music is the best music that teaches morals,  speaks reality, and a medium to showcase inner wisdom through highly talented Highlife musicians.

Over time, Igbo Highlife traditionalists claimed that the mixture of Christianity with tradition is right, in the sense that religion should play it’s role why tradition also should  play it’s role in the human community.

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So today, I bring you a list of Top Igbo Highlife Juju Singers in Nigeria. 


List of Igbo Highlife Musicians Who are Traditionalists (Juju) Singers

Ozoemena Nsugbe was a great Igbo Highlife musician who was the head of the Oliokata singing party.  He was also referred to as Ayaka Nsugbe.


List of Igbo Highlife Musicians Who are Traditionalists (Juju) Singers

,  popularly known as Nwankwo Okoye of Arondi Izuogu of igbo land is the greatest Juju singer in the east, as well as the traditional practices. History claimed that Pericoma demonstrated his jujuish powers at Upper Iweka, Onisha collecting back from the early age when tax collection was a great means to rob and enslave people in Nigeria.

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List of Igbo Highlife Musicians Who are Traditionalists (Juju) Singers

Queen Theresa Onuoha was the greatest female Juju singer of the igbo land.  She was the great Queen of EGEDEGE special. History records that once a person joins her musical crew, such person  may either remain with the crew or leave wounded.


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  1. You wrote so poorly. There’s a Yoruba genre of music called Juju. Why are you misusing the word juju as though the musicians you mentioned were of the Juju genre of music? You should simly say they were traditionalists. You also didn’t recognize that Ozoemena and Pericome are dead. You kept expressing your assertions in present tense.

    • Thanks for taking your time to report this issue to us, am very glad on behalf of HighlifenG.

      Our editors will look into this errors and make the necessary corrections.

  2. It is great to note that Late Chief Ozoemena Nsugbe surrendered his traditional practices and repented as a devoted christian before his death. May his soul continue to Rest in Peace.


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