Angry Fans Attack Olisadoo Onyenwe Egwu Over His Recent Album titled “Ogalanya Chilu Eze”



Angry Fans Attack Over His Recent Album titled “Ogalanya Chilu Eze Onaa N'ikpo Ego”

Fans attack Olisadoo Onyenwe Egwu over his newly lunched album, as a lot of people greatly condemn the message of the music – HighLifeNG Media.

Fast rising musician, Olisadoo Onyenwe Egwu, has incurred the wrath of his followers on social media platforms, for speaking woefully against the poor, viewed as an attempt to create violence, and to mislead young innocent youths for the sake of Money.

In a public discussion, involving over 257 followers, a young man identified as CHIMA, slams Olisadoo for speaking “gibberish (for speaking in the nonsensical nonsense)”.

According to CHIMA, “This guy is talking nonsense, he speaks rubbish. I am pretty sure he doesn't have a house built by himself. But he has the guts to speak nonsense against the poor, I demand that you give me his phone contact so I can talk sense into him – TRANSLATED BY HIGHLIFENG.

HighLifeNG collected a voice note issued by the South African based Nigerian, listen below:

First  (1)


Second (2)

Third (3)

Another fan whose identity was not captured, spoke angrily against the form of music played by Olisadoo, Onyenze, and other highlife musicians of the 21st century.

According to this anonymous, he said “All what they know how to do is Calling of names and condemning the poor“.  He emphatically said that Highlife in it original form, is supposed to teach, educate, and pass messages to the listeners.

“But I am so sad, it is the contrary happening in our generation – Okoli Jonathan ”

The transformation of Highlife Music into a “Quick Money Scheme” through calling of names of Millionaires and billionaires is alarming, and it is getting rampant. This will negatively affect this generation as well as the upcoming singers.

The Igbo Highlife musicians must shun every act of “name-calling” and embrace highlife Music in the raw nature.

Few musicians who are excepted from such act are, , , Sewaa Sewaa, and few .

Listen to the song by Olisadoo Onyenwe egwu HERE.

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  1. Well articulated. What Chima said is just the truth. Some of these musicians are plain rubbish talkers (singers).


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