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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Highlifeng About??

HighlifeNg is the official website for Igbo music in Nigeria that enables users to stream and download various music genres. The platform provides free music downloads worldwide while Highlifeng.co offers premium purchases where artists earn royalties.

What is Igbo highlife music?

IGBO Highlife Music is a fusion of traditional Igbo music and Western music styles, characterized by lead and rhythm guitars, horns, percussion, and Igbo-language lyrics.

Popularized in the 1950s and 1960s, it has remained influential in Nigerian music and has influenced other African genres.

Notable artists include Oliver de Coque, Celestine Ukwu, and Osita Osadebe.

Which Site can I download highlife music?

You can download highlife music on www.highlifeng.com


Also, you can download Ghana Highlife Music by visiting www.highlifeng.com/ghana

What are Igbo music genres?

The Igbo people of Nigeria have a diverse musical culture with several genres. Some of the most popular Igbo music genres include Highlife, Gospel, Ogene, Ekpili/Ekpiri, and Ikorodo music. Each genre has its unique instruments, rhythms, and cultural significance, and they are often played during different social events, ceremonies, and celebrations.

Where can I download Igbo songs?

You can download latest, old, and new Igbo songs on www.highlifeng.com.

Why are my song(s) uploaded on Highlifeng?

The majority of the material on Highlifeng.com is automatically sourced from open internet sources solely for entertainment purposes. Nonetheless, if you suspect that any of the content we posted on Highlifeng.com violates your copyright, kindly contact us at Highlifengmedia@gmail.com to make a takedown request. We will promptly comply with your request.