Connect With Your Favorite Musician for Live Performances

Are you hosting a party or a ceremony? 

Are you Thinking of inviting top highlife musicians for performances? Then contact us, we can help you reach your favorite artist.

Available Musicians:

Ayaka Ozubulu ✅

Onyeoma Tochukwu Nnamani ✅

Onyenze Nwa Amobi ✅

Olisadoo Onyenwe Egwu ✅

And Many More +



NOTE 📝:: There is a strict service fee of #5,000 – #10,000 (Naira), depending on the artist you wish to connect to. Please contact us for negotiation. CLICK HERE













Disclaimer ⚠:: HighlifeNG is a third party service/website and we do not by any means claim to be or act as any celebrity. We only link you to your desired musician, and nothing more… Our teams can never act in disguise of whom we are not. And at some rare points, we do not guarantee direct contact, instead we may deliver a managers contact…