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How to Download from HighLifeNG

Most people get confused due to the pop-up and adverts on this website (Highlifeng.com). Today, we have decided to analyze the steps for you on how to download without issues.

HighLifeNg.com (and it's file hosting website, HighLifeng.com.ng) uses pop-up adverts to generate revenue to cover the costs of keeping them online and pay maintenance and contributors.

Pop-up adverts used on our platform are simply advertisement which are invisible to visitors but are triggered when a user interacts with the web page (for example, clicks anywhere - then it redirects).

These adverts like any other advertisement format we use are free of any malware and are not harmful to you or your device in anyway.

Below are frequently asked questions and answers on how you can Download from HighLifeNG:

1. How Can I Download From This Website? 

The steps are very simple.  You have to locate the music you want to download first... Then, Scroll down to see the PLAY ONLINE button.
Look carefully at this 👇
Then, click on the "DOWNLOAD MP3 + SONG TITLE" .... the music will start downloading immediately.
Note: If you click on the green button, you will be redirected to another site.

2. What Should I Do If Am Redirected to Another Website? 

If you are redirected to another website, simply wait for about 5 seconds, then click on the "ALLOW" pop-up.

Then, return back to the previous page, which is HighLifeng.com.... Note that if you don't click ALLOW, download may not work.

If you tried to return back to the previous page but it is not working, simply re-enter www.highlifeng.com in your browser, otherwise follow the screenshot below 👇:
If you click on the TAB, you will be able to see all your previous pages.

3. What Browser is Recommended to Make Downloading Fast? 

We recommend the use of GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER - You download it from Google playstore.

We also recommend the use of MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER for a fast downloading experience.

4. I Have Tried Everything Possible but I still can't download - WHY? .

If you have tried everything but still find it difficult to download from this website, please contact our agents.  We are online everyday, starting from 8:30am - 12am midnight. (NG time)

If you are not satisfied with the answers you get from our agents, please contact us directly on WhatsApp HERE.

5. I Cannot Find the Song am Searching for, on this website. WHY? 

The first thing to know is how searching on this website works. E.G You may be searching for Oyenze or Onye Eze instead of Onyenze - In this case you cannot get results for ONYENZE unless you search the correct spellings.

Avoid searching for long keywords.  Instead of searching for one complicated song title, E.G Onye Enyelu Onye Nwanne ya by Olisadoo Onyenwe Egwu,  you can simply search for OLISADOO - in this sense, you will see all songs by Olisadoo , then you can look for the particular song you want.

If after following the above steps and you still cannot find the music, then contact us HERE.

6. I Like This Website and I Want to Contribute with a Donation.

If you wish to support the effort by our team with a donation. Please Contact Us below:

Do you have complaints, or suggestions? Kindly Let Us know.

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